Our Approach

We strive to make enterprise and creativity, business and imagination meet at the corner. And deliver on both the business and creative balance sheets. That’s our cornerstone.
We do this with the help of our CureatorsTM, more than 188 years of pooled wisdom, a boxful of technology and free-range collaboration with our collective of extraordinary talents.

Our Mission

NYUCT Design Labs is a multi-discipline collective, a “think and do” tank that designs and builds ventures, be it businesses, brands, innovations or IPs. From concept to market. Imagine a consulting house with last mile execution legs.
We are driven by the ambition of making true multi discipline collaboration purposeful and creatively disrupt the solution space to help entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, businesses and CXOs.


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Our Approach

We strive to make enterprise and creativity, business and imagination meet at the corner. And deliver on both the business and creative balance sheets. That’s our cornerstone.
We do this with the help of our Cureators (TM), more than 180 years of pooled wisdom, a boxful of technology and free-range collaboration with our collective of extraordinary talents across strategy, design, content, culture, brand management and true integrated marketing.

Our Mission

Free range farm of innovations, experiences and content that delivers.


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Our CureatorsTM


Founding partner, design expert, independent art consultant, creative art director and curator for prestigious projects like Art Chennai & Hope for Haiti. Pranali has several years of experience in building up institutional and private art collections, curating prestigious art and design shows and working on several design led assignments. An alumnus of the prestigious Sir J. J. School of Arts, her formative years were dedicated to the making of some of the finest handmade rugs and Kelims in India in her family run export business. She was a core member of Saffron Art, the pre-eminent art house of India that has revolutionized commerce in art and later branched out to be an art advisor and consultant. Pranali has a remarkable ability to work and collaborate with diverse design exponents and disciplines which is evident in projects that have ranged from building a museum, to two ceramic galleries, a folk studio and several immersive spatial projects.


Founding partner, former Head of Marketing for Vivanta by Taj and the Phoenix Group. Manojeet has held and led several strategic and brand leadership positions. With experience in brand stewardship and management, experience and product development, integrated marketing, IP development and innovations, his assignments have seen him walk the thin grey line between strategy and creativity, industry and imagination. A journey since 1997 has been one of building and stewarding brands, strategic marketing, creative leadership, and several industry firsts with some of the most creative and imaginative minds. An alumnus of the Xavier Institute of Management, a certified Tata Business Excellence Leader, a practitioner of the Balanced Scorecard management system, Manojeet loves joining the dots. Some dots joined to make Vivanta by Taj, the world’s 3rd best hotel brand in the year 2014 as voted by Conde Nast US travellers and being hailed as a stroke of genius by Wallpaper UK. Not to mention several other awards.


We call him our IP man. Having worked on building brand platforms for iconic brands like Harley Davidson, Ray Ban, Jack Daniel’s, Hard Rock Cafe, Raymond & Taj, his body of work has been both versatile and unrelenting. With a long foundational stint, early in his career, with the Times Group in the President’s office, Arpito went on to become the Group Director at Rolling Stone and Man’s World India, launching and giving the cult brand legs in the brand activations and events space. He is a hodophile, music connoisseur and compulsive strategist with an uncanny knack for brand solutions. Arpito revels in his understanding of community platforms, across scale, having engineered and conceived several such initiatives for brands that he continues to work with. To his credit he has also worked with government bodies and NGOs, lending his wisdom to help them build and socialize their work, case in point being the Handshake concert initiative and his consulting stints with Drishti.


Head of Technology and mobility solutions, an open source enthusiast, this serial entrepreneur cum developer cum blogger is the CEO of tech firm
OneLeap Solutions. With industry wisdom that goes far beyond his years and with an innate understanding of both technology and business models, Nikkhil and OneLeap have been at the forefront of some of the smartest solution projects for prominent brands as also start ups.


A technology led business & marketing leader with 20+ years of experience across communications platforms & emerging technologies, Arnav's earlier role saw him as the Managing Director of Blippar India & South East Asia. He loves to triangulate content, commerce & technology. He has scaled new business verticals & start ups across markets in Europe, India and South east Asia and has led truly innovative global projects including the world’s first AI enabled AR visual search engine with Blippar, the first predictive analytics engine for Ad funded content, Nike's mobile monetisation platform in South east Asia, to name a few.


A graphic artist cum designer and a screen print maker by profession, Prajval Mendon looks at the world as a two colour screen print! He dreams of unravelling new dimensions of screen printing.Simply put, he adores 'paper'as a surface and a medium! While print making helps him develop his sharp graphic eye, he applies his amazing graphic sense very well to the digital world. His key motivation is solving problems with good design.
Collecting unusual vintage objects, maintaining his beard and relishing sea food are just some of his many interests!


A gentleman to the core and a torchbearer for this vanishing species. Harsha is a media professional with 17 years of experience who has cut his teeth with offline media, an internet start-up, digital ad operations, rich media production and the digital creative business. He has worked with JWT-Fulcrum (now Mindshare), Mediaturf and Times Internet Ltd. He has been a digital-media practitioner since 2001 and we are told in the circles of know, a talented playwright & writer of short stories. Now that is the recipe for performance marketing.


Being social comes utterly naturally to him as does community building. Don’t let his lithe, small frame delude you, for he has led many an incisive campaign and influenced conversations for pro change, pro community with his in-depth understanding of influencer marketing and blogger management. And this is an art he has been cultivating since his student days with the temperament of a cool cucumber. His efficiency just goes to prove that the pen or rather today, posts are still mightier than the sword.


Impossible Artist for India, well known photographer, Director - Galleria Obscura, visual expression artist, self-confessed geek,passionate chronicler of Analog Photography, alumnus from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Arts. Assisted legendary photographer Mary Ellen Mark on the World Heritage Project in India and recognised by Luerzer’s Archive as one of the 200 best in the field. Part time globetrotter and full time a man for all seasons.


A desire to retire with a poultry, fishing and farming venture of his own, speaks of his innate ability to nurture. Unassuming by personality but a master at work, this award winning alumnus of Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, Ronak Naik, invariably called Rinny is a human studio.
A wizard with design communication, branding, advanced post-production effects & film editing, he's the man behind numerous films, brand and design assignments. This cherub faced young man has also been a visiting faculty at Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art at the ripe young age of 24 doling out lessons in design communication to computer graphics students.


Eclectic is a word that sums up Viveick. A fierce faith in craft, purist’s zeal and a flair for collaboration make him a music polymath. Producer, composer, percussionist, sound expert he is prolific. Starting on the Mridangam at the age of 9 he has gone on to blend the world of tech with the art of music. With performances and collaborations at prestigious world music festivals (Le Suds a Arles, Shambala, Punkt, Oslo World Festival) numerous awards and iconic scores like the UTV Motion Picture, it’s tough to challenge his understanding of the power of sound and music.


A recipient of the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur award 2010, Aishwarya has a flair for curation and talent management. She has consulted with established brands like Sony Music and TEDx, led sonic development for brands like ITC hotels, forged collaboration projects notably one between Dame Evelyn Glennie and Trilok Gurtu and created new platforms for artists. Having been on both sides of the music industry with stints at India Today and HMV and trained in classical music for 22 years, she brings her deep understanding to build music based solutions for brands.


The NYUCT Design Studio is helmed by a talented, imaginative group of artists from India’s leading Art and Design Schools, who collaborate and work with our league of extraordinary talents that include brand gurus, cultural experts, design savants, film makers, activation experts, graphic designers, visual expression artists, photographers, spatial designers, art curators, web designers, UI UX specialists, application developers, ethnologists, writers, architects, restorers and other assorted dreamers.


Leenata brings decades of experience in design, art & advertising to multi-dimensional pursuits. An alumnus of the Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, her adventures have spanned across spatial design & interiors, product design, fashion, art and jewellery. Her wisdom has also extended to transformational workshops, teaching assignments, reiki healing, community work and tarot reading.
The sheer body of her work demonstrates that art & design is just not a curriculum, but a school of living.