Explore with Taj (Re-imagining destinations in India in 60 seconds)

#ExplorewithTaj is a project that NYUCT (www.nyuct.com), conceived, conceptualised, developed and creatively spearheaded for Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces with a team of creative brave-hearts.

It presents 17 much discovered destinations with an unusual lens and a distilled minute. With plenty of new moments to discover!! What we fondly call “Done in 60 seconds”

The challenge of a 60 sec narrative was the constant question - would we be doing disservice to these lovable icons? Would we be selling India short? Would we be pushing parsimony in the face of her sheer magnanimity? These are thoughts that haunt you. Not that it tests the limits of the litmus or questions skills of the creators. But rather for all of us, who love this magical land so much, the endeavour was to present a distilled minute of each destination that captured its vibe and spirit, undiminished. That was the challenge.