Gulliver's India

NYUCT Design Labs and the collective would be unveiling a first of its kind Social, Travel & Discovery platform called Gulliver’s India in 2017.
Gulliver’s India aspires to be a community and content platform, that uses the 3 Ts of travel services, tales & trophies and technology to make the traveller’s India more discoverable, more social, more accessible. It will also serve as a compelling tourism promotion platform lending support to both businesses and tourism bodies help make India truly incredible.
India is a fascinating 5000 years old civilisation and is as wide and deep as only a 5000 years old civilisation can be. Here the experiences, tales, stories, legends, mythologies and discoveries around music, food, people, places, culture and adventure never cease to amaze. Newer generation of travellers, into India and within India, increasingly social, intrepid by appetite and digital by habit, seek to discover, explore and share this magical India in their own unique way. They are today’s Gullivers who travel, adventure and tell stories anew.
NYUCT was engaged to imagine and build Gulliver’s India as a turnkey project right from scratch since 2016. From ideation to strategy, from business modelling to building the brand, from spearheading the creative direction, design and content development right down to building the technology suite.