The Ta Dhom Project

NYUCT Design Labs helped develop the Ta Dhom collectible that lays out the project’s poetic journey.
The Ta Dhom project led by Mridangam maestro Viveick Rajagopalan creates a new sub-genre of Indian hip-hop. It uses the rhythmic language of “Konnakol” from the classical Carnatic tradition as a foundation for the rhythmic poetry of urban rap. Konnakol is spoken syllable used to represent rhythmic ideas and these rhythmic beats literally sound like they’re speaking drums. Classically schooled but transcending genres, Viveick has performed with artists such as Shri Sriram, Richard Bona and Jethro Tull and performed at several world music festivals. He is one of the co – founders of Sunoh, a Sound Consulting & Production firm which is part of the NYUCT Collective.
The Ta Dhom project grew out of a series of informal teaching sessions in a Mumbai park, where Viveick met up with rappers Aklesh Sutar aka MC Malawi and Dharmesh Parmar aka DJ Tod Fod, part of Mumbai’s thriving regional rap scene. Sutar raps in Marathi, Parmar in Gujarati making this a unique and exciting confluence.