Vasant Utsav

NYUCT is building the first social, travel & discovery platform for India. Gulliver’s India is a “Made in India” initiative that NYUCT has conceived, blue-printed, modelled, developed and powered for the client with technology, content, design and experiences to help narrate India anew, with newer tales, newer experiences, newer places.
Building this business and adventure has led us to meet, discover some fabulous storytellers, who have been quietly doing a splendid job in keeping India’s stories and experiences for travellers alive and engaging. With undiluted commitment. This particular story of passion and perseverance has its roots in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu and has since then travelled to one of the most ancient places in India - Mylapore in Chennai.
This is where a life-long passion came full circle in the revered Kapaleeshwarar temple 17 years back and which to this day, continues to enthral the city’s residents. Vasant Utsav is a festive tribute to temple dance & Vedic scholars which over 10 days brings spring alive in Mylapore.

Under the aegis of Gulliver’s India, and in keeping with its spirit, NYUCT Design Labs in association with Brown Book Studio presents a small tribute to this festival and this tale of perseverance.