What is NYUCT?

Today creativity, design, technology, content & strategy need to work together, seamlessly and without loss in translation. To create content and experiences that are genuine, innovative and intelligent. This is what we specialize in. NYUCT is a multi-disciplinary commune that includes seasoned Cureators™ who create, curate and collaborate with an ensemble cast of domain specialists and independents, thereby diversifying the creative and strategic gene pool to dip into for solutions, from strategy and insights to creative and business execution. A think N do tank for businesses, brands and ventures.

Doesn’t this kind of model already exist?

NYUCT is not an agency or crowdsourcing talent model or a design hot shop or just a multi-discipline firm. It is a collaborative solution platform held together by Cureators™, who get the brand and the board and possess 188 years of collective wisdom and experience. With our specialists and a boxful of technology, we enable genuine compounded skills to offer enriched, strategic solutions. Right from insights and idea boards to execution.

Are you an advertising firm? Are you a marketing consultancy? Are you a design house?

No – none of the above as a matter of fact. An advertising agency is a communication specialist. A consultancy is an insight specialist. A design house is a visual expression specialist. They are important. But often, either they don’t join the dots or don’t get to be a part of the entire business process. Sometimes they could be working in separate cubicles, with scope of large losses in translation. Today's changing, complex world in fact needs solution models like NYUCT that converge strategy, design, experience, content and innovation in a simple manner. Collaboration and technology make this possible.

So how is NYUCT different?

We join the dots. We get the brand and the board. And we have the right Cureators™ and pool of experience. We offer strategic content, experience and design solutions from consulting insights to execution. With our league of talents, innovators, domain specialists we offer cross industry solutions and built to scale. We help established brands and businesses create and deliver intelligent content and build intellectual properties. We help start-ups and dreamers boot their ideas to business, design and experience and finally take it to market. Having a team of extremely experienced Cureators™ also ensures that business and imagination work together seamlessly.

How does it help me?

It takes care of multiple headaches and the need to have multiple thinking hats. The solutions are scalable and allows you to access a multi-discipline talent pool. It can handle complex, experiential projects, innovations, across industries and media. It helps you access seasoned project management teams & seasoned curators.

How does NYUCT compare to a boutique firm?

NYUCT is boutique in approach given that it offers extremely specialised, curated and intense solutions. But it's also scalable and versatile. Our core collective works with creative merchants and strategists for genuine business and brand solutions.

How does NYUCT control quality?

NYUCT is composed of core Cureators™, a strategic team that is seasoned with 188 years of experience between them, have handled complex and matrix roles and have years of experience stewarding brands, working with businesses and CXOs and partnering with the creative fraternity. NYUCT understands quality and the value of intelligent solutions. We work with only the right pool of talents to create, curate and collaborate with. The portfolio of NYUCT strongly underlines this unique ability to create experiential innovations, design ecosystems and reimagine the creative rules. Our understanding and experience with the luxury, lifestyle space that is extremely discerning helps.

Does NYUCT have any geographical limitations?

No. In fact the model allows for opportunities to engage with and collaborate with global talent and domain specialists. The core team of NYUCT are well versed, well-travelled and networked. Their experience in leading and conceiving extremely complex projects, pushing the envelope and familiarity with the lifestyle space makes this easier.

Can NYUCT work as a managing partner in special cases to help firms manage and align their creative agencies and universe?

Yes. NYUCT could also be the client’s strategic and creative representative to manage their agencies for a professional fee for a defined time to ensure alignment and integration of energies and so that brand and business is in sync. NYUCT can also be a powering multi discipline idea to execution studio or work on multi dimension projects from ideation and insight to execution. For special cases, NYUCT would consider retainer assignments subject to the right commercial and strategic scope.

Does NYUCT work on a retainer fee model? How does it work?

NYUCT prefers to call this the project management and curation fee.
Given that it specialises in taking projects from strategy and ideation to execution NYUCT prefers time bound defined assignments. Its core team also has a passion for diverse challenging projects.
Hence once the projects are executed and live, they prefer to play the role of mentors and strategic consultants.

How does NYUCT charge for its services?

NYUCT charges project fees commensurate with its highly insightful, strategic and super speciality services.
The fees and structure of payment are determined by the scope of work.
These could be either in the form of consolidated project fees or engagement fees or mentorship or consultancy fees over a defined term where NYUCT works as your experience, design and reimagination partners
Production and execution charges for assignments executed by NYUCT would be billed as per the scope and intensity and talents that go into the solution.